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Here you can find links that will show great photography, practical tips and interesting subjects.

Do you want to calculate your price for purchasing a stock photo? Use ‘The Stock Photo Price Calculator’. Or try the different computer darkroom sites for enhancing your skills on the computer. Want to know stuff? The CIA knows it all. Well, most of it. And don’t forget to feed the hungry!

Do you know of sites that provide great photography or interesting photography subjects?
to let me know!

Henri Cartier Bresson
French photographer with outstanding photography !

Ed van der elsken
Dutch street photographer. Dead and famous.

Editorial Photographers Information
A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health
and profitability of editorial photography

Photoshop users
Advanced or beginning. Check it out!

Fotografen Federatie
Dutch site with guidelines about photography.

Wildlife photographer of the year
The annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition finds the very best wildlife images taken by the world's top professional and amateur photographers.

Crop Circle Research
Some are a hoax, most of them are not.
Who, how, where, why & when!

CIA site
A site with a lot of information about almost anything.
Except secrets.

Currency converter
Going somewhere and need to change money?

Stock photo price calculator
You can do your own calculation if you want to buy a stock photo.

Antarctica site
There is a lot to know about Antarctica.

Help feed the hungry. Free!!
Go there ones a day and with a click you will help to feed the hungry.

Computer Colour control management
Do your pictures from the printer look different from your screen?

Photography at the NGS site
A feast for your eyes.

Computer Darkroom
Do you like to get into some technical stuff?

NASA Photo gallery
Look beyond…


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